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Way back in 1976 in Montreal Canada, Peter Janis and Denis Rozon meet. Peter was a budding young guitarist that was playing in bands and working at Steve's Music Store to pay for new gear and Denis Rozon was an office equipment technical representative with a passion for guitar sounds and electronics. Peter was dissatisfied with the options available to guitarists and wanted to find solutions. Denis loved to tinker!

The two original 'Boneheads' started collaborating on the first generation of tube distortion pedals and developing new products including the world's first 3-channel guitar amplifier. According to Peter Janis: "Our 1st distortion pedals were just plain average! They had huge top end and did not yet have the sweet tone that we were searching for. But it was a start and we knew we could only go up from there. The amps on the other hand were turning heads from day one! This was the foundation from which we built our careers".

The two guys started a company called Forest Electronics as a sideline to their jobs. In the 1980's, Peter was hired by Fender, then owned by CBS, as the product director for the Canadian market.   In summer of 1987, Denis took over Forest Electronics full time and continued to build custom 3-channel guitar amplifiers for the boutique players. These years were extremely valuable as Denis worked with hundreds of musicians, custom designing products all the while gaining a greater understanding of what guitarists truly want and expect from their equipment.

During this time, Denis continued to develop products for different companies and honing his skills in the area of hi-fi and guitar tube amplification. In 1998, he played a major engineering role at Tenor Audio in Montreal in developing the award winning Tenor OTL (Output Transformer-Less) tube Hi-Fi amplifiers and their range of very high-end audiophile tube products.

In Y-2000, Peter called Denis to tell him that he wanted to get back into making guitar products and had a project in mind. The 1st Radial product the two co-developed was the Radial JD7 Injector, which is a guitar signal distribution system. Denis joined C-Tec and Radial as Chief Engineer early 2001 and Tonebone came as part of the package beginning 2002. Janis continues: "It was like putting on and old pair of shoes. Working with Denis is easy and fun. I can be 3000 miles away and Denis knows exactly what I want. Furthermore, I know where his engineering mind will go as we develop new ideas. It truly is a perfect match!".

"We have a simple plan: we want to build the very best and most innovative products in the world. What could be easier?"

RADIAL - ChainDrive™   1X4 Distribution Amplifier 1 x 4 line level distribution amplifier Balanced and unbalanced... Plus
310,00  htva


Réf.: RADIAL012C

RADIAL - EXTC   The Radial EXTC™ is a 500 series module that lets you incorporate guitar effects into the realm of pro-audio recording.... Plus
315,00  htva


Réf.: RADIAL723Q

RADIAL - JDV-PRE The Radial JDV-Pre is a unique preamplifier designed specifically to capture the natural tone and distinct character of the... Plus
445,00  htva


Réf.: RADIAL921R

RADIAL - JDX   The Radial JDX™ Reactor™ is a unique guitar amplifier interface designed to capture the tone of a 4x12 cabinet by... Plus
315,00  htva


Réf.: RADIAL946Y

RADIAL - KOMIT   The Radial Komit™ is a feature-rich compressor-limiter that simplifies the process of dynamic manipulation while... Plus
540,00  htva


Réf.: RADIAL214L

RADIAL - PHAZEQ   The PhazeQ is a dual function 500-series device: As a phase alignment tool, it is used to time-align two microphones for... Plus
315,00  htva


Réf.: RADIAL240G

RADIAL - POWER PRE   The Radial PowerPre™ is a high performance microphone preamplifier designed to be used with the Radial Workhorse and... Plus
420,00  htva

RADIAL - Powerhouse   The Powerhouse is a 10 module 500 series power-rack designed to accommodate both older and newer 500 series... Plus
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Réf.: RADIAL604H

RADIAL - PowerStrip 500 Series 3-Slot Power Rack   The PowerStrip™ is a three module rackmount power supply designed to bring... Plus
310,00  htva


Réf.: RADIAL442Y

RADIAL - PowerTube™   The Radial PowerTube is an 'old school' 100% discrete class-A vacuum tube microphone amplifier intended to capture... Plus
715,00  htva