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During 1975, whilst Studying at the EPFL in Lausanne, Alain Roux started producing the first speakers under the PSI brand. Two years later, with the speakers making a profit, Alan formed Roux Electroacoustique which in 1988 became a Ltd company and changed name to Relec SA. At this time Alain also relocated the company in to a new purpose built facility at Yverdon. In 1991 an analogue and digital electronics section was added to the acoustic laboratory and electronics expert Christian Martin was recruited, to lead development in these areas.

Over the past 25 years, Alain and his team have developed a huge variety of speakers for HI-Fi, PA and Professional Studio applications, a large number of which are OEM products for respected international companies who label and market the products under their own brand names. Many of these products have gone on to win the industries most desirable awards as well as being extremely enthusiastically received by the professional press.

Today PSI Audio has evolved into a worldwide brand, producing the ultimate in professional studio monitors. Our customers now have the opportunity to acquire a whole new generation of innovative, cutting edge speakers and experience for themselves PSI Audio’s philosophy of excellence through technology.


Réf.: PSIA3D6441

PSI Audio - A14 M BROADCAST   The A14-M Broadcast full range speaker is the smallest member of the PSI Audio A-Series professional studio... Plus
900,00  htva


Réf.: PSIACT949B

PSI Audio - A14 M   The A14-M full range speaker is the smallest member of the PSI Audio A-Series professional studio monitor range. Housed in... Plus
830,00  htva

PSI - A17-M

Réf.: PSIAMA006E

PSI Audio - A17 M   A classic near-field precision monitor, the A17-M is the ideal entry model to the PSI Audio range. Perfectly suited for... Plus
1.350,00  htva

PSI - A21-M

Réf.: PSIACT950L

PSI Audio - A21 M   The A21-M high power near / mid-field precision monitor covers a broad frequency spectrum, allowing the user to be in full... Plus
2.160,00  htva

PSI - A214-M

Réf.: PSIAMN955J

PSI Audio - A214 M   PSI Audio A214-M is mainly designed as a "centre" speaker for surround monitoring applications. However, the unit may also... Plus
1.850,00  htva

PSI - A215-M

Réf.: PSIACT952F

PSI Audio - A215 M   The evolution of mastering and multichannel techniques, as well as the arise of personal studios, lead us to think that a... Plus
2.900,00  htva

PSI - A225-M

Réf.: PSIAMN955E

PSI Audio - A225 M   An exceptional piece of acoustic design, the A225-M sub-woofer/bass extension is equally suited to use as a mono sub-woofer... Plus
2.900,00  htva

PSI - A25-M

Réf.: PSIAMA820T

PSI Audio - A25 M   The pinnacle of current PSI Audio system development, the A25-M main / mid-field reference monitor features a staggering... Plus
3.810,00  htva