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Milab Microphones is a world-leading manufacturer of professional microphones for studio, stage and broadcast applications.

Our history can be traced back to 1939, making us one of the true pioneers in microphone manufacturing. Today Milab is a highly regarded brand and delivers state-of-the-art microphones to studios, engineers, producers and artists all over the world.

All Milab microphones are handcrafted in our plant in Helsingborg, Sweden. Our quality control is meticulous and all microphones have to pass several stages of testing, including rigorous audio tests in our anechoic chamber. Every microphone is delivered with an individual frequency chart and shipped with a lifetime warranty.

The time and care that we put into making our microphones would simply be impossible in large-scale production. That's why it has never been our goal to become the largest manufacturer on the market - but instead to provide audio professionals with the finest microphones in the world.


Réf.: MILABB348B

MILAB - BDM-01   The BDM-01 is a dedicated bass drum microphone that is equally at home in the studio and on the road. It is built around... Plus
762,00  htva   670,00  htva


Réf.: MILABD355O

MILAB - D37   Offers a clear, present sound like few other dynamics. Insensitive to feedback as well as handnoise, perfect for live... Plus
496,00  htva   300,00  htva


Réf.: MILABD343D

MILAB - DC196   Small format microphone with large membrane capsule. Multi-purpose microphone with outstanding performance. For vocals and... Plus
1.312,00  htva   1.170,00  htva


Réf.: MILABD344N

MILAB - DC96B   No microphone symbolizes Milab better than the DC-96B. It's a vintage design that has stayed virtually unchanged for almost 50... Plus
1.108,00  htva   1.005,00  htva


Réf.: MILABD343I

MILAB - DC96C   The latest addition to the Milab product family is the DC-96C, a side-addressed large membrane microphone, designed mainly for... Plus
1.108,00  htva   1.005,00  htva

MILAB - DM1001

Réf.: MILABD350Q

MILAB - DM1001   DM-1001 is a digital microphone system, with AES/EBU and S/PDIF outputs. The microphone uses Milab's rectangular large dual... Plus
5.402,00  htva   4.075,00  htva

MILAB - LSR-1000

Réf.: MILABL345X

MILAB - LSR-1000   Vocal condenser made for a rugged life on the road. Outstanding studio quality sound on stage. Milab revolutionised the... Plus
487,00  htva   400,00  htva

MILAB - LSR-3000

Réf.: MILABL346C

MILAB - LSR-3000   Superior vocal microphone that brings studio sound to the stage. The LSR-3000 represents the top of the line of our long... Plus
776,00  htva   630,00  htva


Réf.: MILABS349L

MILAB - SRND360   The SRND 360 is an innovative, versatile and very compact single-unit surround microphone that records up to six channels... Plus
4.848,00  htva   4.195,00  htva


Réf.: MILABV344S

MILAB - VIP50   The Milab VIP-50 is nothing less than a true classic. A favourite among world class artists and producers - simply one of the... Plus
1.994,00  htva   1.780,00  htva