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Logo ElectronautElectronaut is a Chicago-based company founded by musician, recordist, engineer and experimenter Rob Roy M. Campbell.  Operating out of a small lab in the Westtown neighborhood in Chicago, Electronaut designs and manufactures high-quality professional audio equipment for recording studios and musicians around the world.

Incorporated in 2002, Electronaut initially served as a part-time vehicle for learning and experimentation, one-off custom builds, and designs for third-party companies. In 2010 Electronaut became a full-time endeavor, manufacturing its flagship product, the M63 microphone and instrument preamplifier, and committing all available resources to R&D and to the development of new designs.

In October 2013, Electronaut offered a sneak preview of its forthcoming compressor/limiter, the M97, at the Audio Engineering Society show in New York City. The M97 will be on display at MusikMesse in Frankfurt, Germany on March 12-15th 2014, and will be available mid-to-late spring, 2014.

ELECTRONAUT - M63   Lundahl Amorphous-Core Audio Transformers 63 dB Gain Slow-Start Tube-Rectified High-Voltage Power Supply Custom... Plus
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ELECTRONAUT - M97   The century-old triode vacuum tube continues to set an amazing standard of sound quality, demonstrating its continued... Plus
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