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Brunetti Logo

The products are the result of Marco Brunetti's huge experience in sound research combined with his passion for tubes. He personally designs all Brunetti units, with beautiful design and highest quality.

Turning 30 years old, he decides to put his know-how and his unrivaled passion for tubes into pratice. He creates some musical pro-audio equipment such as equalizers, microphonic preamps, compressors and many live systems. Later on, with the support of guitar-playing friends, he designs his first unit for the guitar: the MILLE-preamp.

The MILLE was so succesful that Marco decides to enlarge his little production. His big creative ferment and his researches let him obtain a lot of knowledge, leading to such unique sound designs such as the Valvemix (found on the PIRATA-Models) and the 059's exclusive low/high bi-amplification system.

What Brunetti represents in the world of guitar ampilification is its own and unique "italian" sound. Pure Tubesound, elegant design, userfriendly and incredible tonal flexibitly are trademarks make Brunetti Amps famous around the world.

"Our products are easy to use, yet they are of the finest quality : hand-made & using the best components, which are in most cases custom-made for us. The electrical and acoustic tests of our prototypes are made to compare our characteristics with the most famous brands in the world. We carefully select each tube and test it in our unit. "

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