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Automated Processes Inc.


It all began with a dream. It was 1968. The company: Automated Processes Inc., formed by men with a vision. Best known for their now legendary "2520 amplifier", this unique amp has been and will continue to be the heart of all API discrete products. It continues to provide reliability and sonic purity unmatched by the competition.

API became the leading audio broadcast console manufacturer for radio and television networks and high profile stations. In addition, recording studios, large and small, began using API.....and receiving rave reviews from engineers and producers. 

In May of 1999 API joined The ATI Group, a company that has defined the standard of quality and performance for live sound mixing since its beginning in 1988. ATI manufactures the Paragon live mixing console, and a range of mic preamps and audio processors based around its proprietary high voltage mic pre designs and a patented compressor circuit.

API - 205L

Réf.: APILSL833Y

API - 205L   Discrete Direct Input The API 205L Instrument Direct is specifically designed to accept a guitar or bass direct into it,... Plus
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API - 212L

Réf.: APILSL833D

API - 212L   Discrete Mic Pre The tone of the 212L mic preamp finds its roots in the classic API 2488 series all discrete recording... Plus
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API - 215L

Réf.: APILSL833I

API - 215L   Discrete HP/LP Sweep Filter The API 215L is a unique passive, sweepable filter, designed specifically to contour the sound to... Plus
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API - 225L

Réf.: APILSL834N

API - 225L   Discrete Compressor The API 225L Compressor is ideal for all studio, live sound and broadcast applications. Regardless of... Plus
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API - 235L

Réf.: APILSL834S

API - 235L   Discrete Noise Gate The API 235L Noise Gate/Expander has the ability to reduce noise in any type of program. The 235L can... Plus
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API - 2500

Réf.: APIUST824M

API - 2500   The API 2500 is a versatile stereo bus compressor that allows adjustment of sonic qualities that can alter the punch and tone of... Plus
3.062,00  htva   2.770,00  htva

API - 2B1 Blank Panel

Réf.: APIBSE836H

API - 2B1 200 Series Blank Panel, 1 slot Single slot blank panel, used in the L200R Rack, Vision Console and Legacy Plus Console. Plus
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API - 3124+

Réf.: APIUCH824R

API - 3124+   Discrete 4-Channel Mic/Line Pre, plus DI The API 3124+ is a high quality, compact, 4-channel mic preamp. It is equipped with... Plus
2.965,00  htva   2.715,00  htva

API - 3124mb+

Réf.: APIMBU825W

API - 3124mb+   3124+, w/Stereo Mixer plus Transformer Bal Outputs Both the 3124+ and the 3124mb+ are designed with the professional... Plus
3.575,00  htva

API - 500-6B

Réf.: APIBSL831J

API 500-6B   with built-in Power Supply The API 6-slot lunchbox (500-6B) is a 6-slot rack designed to accept all API standard 5.25" X 1.5"... Plus
545,00  htva