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Anthony Demaria Labs


Since 1987, ADL has been supplying the finest all-tube products to the biggest names in the audio industry.
From legendary recreations of the classic Fairchild 670, the classic LA2A, the classic LA3, or his own new modern creation of a truly exquisite mic preamp, ADL has recreated the legends of yesterday, as well as some modern gems of new studio technology.

ADL products have been used on countless successful recordings throughout the world. As they look to the future they pledge to continue developing spectacular sounding analog and pure-tube products, inspired by the great vintage era of the past.

ADL - 1000

Réf.: ADLMON555V

ADL - 1000   The ADL 1000 Tube Compressor/Limiter is a brilliant all discrete design providing phenomenal dynamic range with a clear,... Plus
1.510,00  htva   1.440,00  htva

ADL - 1500

Réf.: ADLSTE822L

ADL - 1500   The ADL 1500 Stereo Tube Compressor/Limiter is a brilliant 2 channel, all tube design, providing phenomenal dynamic range... Plus
2.540,00  htva   2.350,00  htva

ADL - 1700 Liquid MU

Réf.: ADLLIQ8570

ADL - 7000 Liquid MU   The Anthony DeMaria Labs ADL 1700 Liquid Mu is an all valve compressor and limiter inspired by vintage UA 175-B and... Plus
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ADL - 1700 Liquid Mu Peak Limiter
ADL - 1700   The ADL 1700 Liquid Mu Peak Limiter is often referred to as the little brother of the Fairchild 670. The 1700 employs an all... Plus
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ADL - 600

Réf.: ADLPRE755U

ADL - 600   The ADL 600 preamplifier runs on power rails of ±300V. Most off-the-shelf, op-amp-based designs run on power rails of 10V... Plus
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ADL - 660

Réf.: ADLMON825X

ADL - 660   The ADL 660 Mono Tube Limiter Outboards is based on the original Fairchild 660.  Plus
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ADL - 670

Réf.: ADLCOM125F

ADL - 670   There's no doubt that the original Fairchild 670 was and still is the "Big Daddy" of tube compressors. That's why people don't... Plus
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ADL - 700
ADL - 670   Stunning high-end sound and incredible versatility are hallmarks of this top-of-the-line, tube-driven channel strip. The ADL 700... Plus
1.320,00  htva